Environment Management Vanuatu

Environment Management Vanuatu

Environmental Management Vanuatu (EMV) is a Specialist Waste and Environmental Management company providing consultancy and education services to corporate, government and non-profit businesses in Vanuatu.

EMV was founded by Paul Mooney (MBA & PGdip) and Nikki Graham (BBS) who are highly experienced and passionate about making a positive impact to the natural environment of Vanuatu.

EMV are available to provide practical advice on all waste types including municipal, household, commercial, industrial, hazardous and agricultural waste.

The professional services EMV can provide include;

  • Waste characterisation studies and reporting;
  • Waste collection methodology;
  • Solid waste management planning;
  • Reducing waste to landfill;
  • Policy development and review;
  • Beneficial recycling and reuse of waste materials;
  • Public outreach and education.

Contact Details

Phone: +678 5322002