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Green Wave

Green Wave Vanuatu is a young association founded by Christelle Thieffry, Georges Cumbo, Mars Melto and Myriam Malao. Green Wave Vanuatu was officially born in September2018 and is registered as a charitable association at Vanuatu Financial Service Commission. The goals and purpose of the Association areas described in its constitution.

  • To promote and support sustainable development activities in Vanuatu by meeting human development goals while at the same time sustaining the ability of natural systems toprovide the natural resources and ecosystem;
  • To contribute and assist activities which will support biodiversity conservation in Vanuatu;
  • To campaign, contribute and support activities against pollution in Vanuatu and the region, specifically but not only plastic pollution;
  • To contribute and support activities which are meant to educate people for a more eco-friendly environment
  • To promote and support development of actions and activities to promote and facilitatethe design, production, marketing and sale of re-usable products;
  • To promote and support activities of other environment associations by providing funds orman power when / if available;
  • The Association is not for the purpose of profit or gain to its individual members.

Our small team has been active for the last two years when we started with the Facebook page No Plastik Bag Plis (now No Plastik, Plis) and the campaign against single use plastic bags. A campaign that was quite successful thanks to the commitment of the Government of Vanuatu to act to protect the environment. Indeed in July 2017, the Prime Minister announced the ban of single use plastic bags, plastic straws and Styrofoam takeaway containers; ban implemented from & July 2018. Christelle Thieffry, Georges Cumbo, Myriam Malao and Marcel Meltherorong never stopped their actions against plastic pollution.


GREEN WAVE VANUATU is very pleased to see that the Government is continuing the fight with the announcement of the second phase of the ban to be implemented later this year. Indeed from December 1, 2019: single use plastic cutlery, plates, cups, stirrers, plastic net, and plastic flowers will be officially banned. Green Wave is campaigning through its two Facebook pages: No Plastik, Plis and GreenWave Vanuatu. Green Wave Vanuatu is also involved in the public space and debate especially on plastic pollution, attending forums, and workshops organised by local and international groups.

Green Wave Vanuatu is a founding member amongst others of the new association on waste management and recycling. Green Wave is also about campaigning for a more organic, more healthy Vanuatu. Green Wave Vanuatu is currently running a petition to ask the Government to ban the importation and use of all the most dangerous pesticides available in the world, as for example the internationally known glyphosate. As of today, our petition Stop Glyphosate Vanuatu counts about 2000 signatures, on line or hard copy, Green Wave Vanuatu presented it to the Minister of agriculture. Last June, we organised the first Green Wave market in Port Vila in order to promote the initiatives of people in Vanuatu who wish to develop businesses that are eco-friendly, offering organic products, or promoting local economy. It was also an opportunity to expand the market for provincial products, to show case good practices and to strengthen some networking. Green Wave Vanuatu is financed by donations and fundraiser events.

Green Wave Vanuatu
BP 219, Rue de Bretagne, Port-Vila, VANUATU
Tel: +678 7746672
Green Wave Vanuatu account number @ Bred Vanuatu: 00696261010013