Vanuatu Beverage

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Vanuatu Beverage

Vanuatu Beverage Limited is proud manufacturer of “Vanuatu Water”, the only bottled spring water of Vanuatu, and “Splashe”, Vanuatu’s only locally made soft drinks since 1972. We also manufacture other drinks such as fruit juice, cordial, spirits and liqueurs. Thanks to recent investments, we were able to achieve quality standards and production volumes, which allows us to satisfy the local demand but also reach export markets.


Nevertheless, we are aware of the environmental impact of our manufactured goods in Vanuatu, and therefore, as part of our environmental and social responsibility policy, we are very active in finding waste management and recycling solutions to reduce our eco-footprint from the waste of our manufactured products. One of our main project, working with other VRWMA members, is the setting up of a national container deposit scheme which will resolve the littering issue of all beverage products and centralizing its waste for recycling purposes.